Liisa Tyrväinen




Liisa Tyrväinen  works as a Research Professor at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and has long experience in interdisciplinary research work regarding amenity benefits of forests and other types nature areas. Her work has a strong focus on cultural ecosystem benefits, in particular, outdoor recreation, and nature-based tourism. One of key targets of her research has been to measure health and social benefits of forests and other nature areas and develop approaches to include these values in land-use and environmental planning. She has studied health and well-being benefits of forests over 15 years in several national and international collaboration projects. She has published over 60 peer-reviewed publications, in all over 230 scientific publications.   Her research team currently investigates the role of nature for physical activity promotion, potentials of virtual nature environments for different users and how management affects restorative qualities of forests. Tyrväinen is a member of editorial boards of Urban Forestry and Urban Greening and International Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism journals.  She is also member of board of directors at Metsähallitus leading management and utilization of state-owned lands in Finland.