Scientific Committee



Chair of the Scientific Committee

Dr. Christos Th. Gallis, PhD. (Dr. For.).

(Δρα. Χρίστος Θ. Γαλλής)

President of the Organizing Committee.

IUFRO Scientific officeholder, Division 6.06.00 - Forest, trees and human health and wellbeing, Vienna, Austria.
Vice-President of the International Association for Nature and Forest Welfare (NaFoW), Daejeon, Korea.
Board Member of the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.
Research Director, Forest Research Institute, Hellenic Agricultural Organization “Demeter”, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Members of the Scientific Committee

Professor Ulrika Stigsdotter, PhD.

Research Group: Nature, Health & Design, Dept. of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Professor Won Sop Shin, PhD. 

Professor of Social Forestry, School of Forest Resources, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, Korea. Chair of Committee on Forestry, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Former Minister, Korea Forest Service, 2013-2017, Korea


Professor Howard Frumkin, DrPH., MPH., MD.

Head of “Our Planet, Our Health” program, Wellcome Trust, London, UK, and Affiliate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Washington, Seattle, USA.

Professor Agnes van den Berg, Dr A.E.

Endowed Professor of perception and evaluation of nature and landscape, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Dr Qing Li MD, PhD, 

Physician-Immunologist at Nippon Medical School Hospital, Tokyo, Japan. The president of the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine, and the vice-president and secretary-general of the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.

Associate Professor Grete Patil, PhD.

Associate Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Public Health Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway.

Dr. Kathryn Bowen, PhD.

Senior Scientist, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V., Potsdam, Germany.

 Dr. Takahide Kagawa, PhD.
Researcher, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan.

Professor Gunnar Tellness, MD., PhD.

Professor in Community Medicine, Head of Section for Social Medicine, Faculty of Medicine University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Youngkyoon Yoon, PhD.

The President of the Korea Forest Welfare Institute, Daejeon, Korea.

Professor Francisco Javier  Escobedo, PhD.

Professor, Dept of Biology, Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia.

Professor Fabio Salbitano, PhD.

Professor of Landscape Ecology,  Applied Silviculture, Forest and Landscape restoration, and Urban Forestry. Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Forest Systems Management, Univesity of Florence, Florence, Italy.

Assistant Professor Dongying Li. MLA., PhD.

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Texas A&M University, USA.

Professor Kalevi Korpela, Dr. Psychol., PsT.

Professor of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland.

Professor Terry Hartig, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Professor of Environmental Psychology, Institute for Housing and Urban Research and Department of Psychology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

Professor Bum-Jin Park, Ph.D.

Professor, Lab. of Forest Environment and Human Health, Dept. of Environment and Forest Resources, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Korea.

Dr. Claire Henderson-Wilson, PhD.

Senior Lecturer and Deputy HDR Co-ordinator, Co-leader Health Nature and Sustainability Research Group, School of Health and Social Development, Faculty of Health, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

Professor Oleg Glazachev, MD., PhD.

Professor of Normal Physiology, Dept. of Normal Physiology, School of Medicine, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russia.

Professor Zhiqiang Zhang, Ph.D.

Professor and Dean of the College of Soil and Water Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, P. R. China.

Professor William C. Sullivan, PhD.

Professor of Landscape Architecture, Dean of the Dept. of Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, USA.

Professor Patrik Grahn, Agr. Dr.

Professor of landscape architecture with aim and direction in environmental psychology, Dept. of Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden.

Dr. David J. Nowak, PhD.

Senior Scientist / i-Tree Team Leader, Urban forest structure, health, and change, and its effect on human health and environmental quality, USDA Forest Service ,Northern Research Station, Syracuse, USA.

Research Professor Liisa Tyrväinen, Dr.(For.).

Research Professor, Dept. of Economics and Society, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Helsinki, Finland.