Scientific Program


Keynote Speakers:

Professor Terry Hartig, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Professor Howard Frumkin, University of Washington, USA.

Professor Won Sop Shin, Chungbuk National University, Korea.

Dr. Qing Li, Nippon Medical School Hospital, Japan.

Professor Fabio Salbitano, University of Florence, Italy.


May 8th

10:00-12:00: Walking in the Athens National Garden.

12:00 – : Starting Registrations

18:00: Opening ceremony and Welcome by local and international authorities (Dr. Christos Gallis, Greece).

-Introductory speech (Dr.Christos Gallis)

Dr. Marco Martuzzi, World Health Organization (WHO).

Keynote speakers: Prof. Howard Frumkin and  Prof. Terry Hartig.

~20:00: Welcome cocktail.


May 9th : Full scientific program from 09:00 till 18:30.

Free night. Optional programme and dinner.

May 10th : Full scientific program from 09:00 till 18:30.

-Closing ceremony

-Conference Dinner.

May 11th : Conference scientific and cultural Excursion to the ancient Asclepeion of Epidaurus archeological site with an oral presentation of the Hippocratic approaches on Nature and Therapy, to the Epidaurus ancient theatre, and other places outside Athens.


The thematic sessions with coordinators and keynote speakers:

May 9th

Keynote speaker: Dr. Qing Li, Japan

  1. Forest Medicine for Public Health. (Bum-Jin Park– Korea, Qing Li-Japan)
  2. Mental Health benefits of exposure to Nature. (Kalevi Korpela-Finland, Terry Hartig-Sweden).
  3. Planning physical activities and human recreation in Forest/Natural environment for Public health. (Patrik Grahn-Sweden, Ulrika Stigsdotter-Denmark).

May 10th

Keynote speaker: Prof. Fabio Salbitano, Italy.

  1. Urban Forests and their ecosystem services for Public Health. (Liisa Tyrvainen-Finland, Francisco Javier Escobedo–Colombia).
  2. Urban forestry and Green space planning and design for physical activity. (Dongying Li-USA, William C. Sullivan-USA).

Parallel Session: Green care on public landscapes for public health. (Agnes van den Berg-The Netherlands, Grete Patil-Norway).

Plenary Session (Christos Gallis-Greece, Won Sop Shin-Korea): Forest therapy, health Policies, practices, economics and culture.

Keynote speaker: Prof. Won Sop Shin-Korea.

-Closing Ceremony.

-Conference Dinner.